Explain Janan’s whereabouts, Jubbaland tells Federal Government

Jubbaland Government has demanded the Federal Government explain the whereabouts of its Security Minister Abdirashid Janan following claims he escaped from custody Tuesday.

In a statement Wednesday, Ahmed Madobe administration said the remarks by Deputy Police Commissioner Zakia Hussein regarding Janan’s escape was ‘worrying’ and that the government appeared to be ‘hiding something.’

General Hussein issued a statement Wednesday notifying the public of Janan’s escape from custody in Mogadishu. Anyone with information about him to forward to the police, Gen. Hussein said.

But Jubbaland appeared to dismiss the police version of events noting Janan was ‘between life and death’.
The southerly state pointed fingers at the Federal Government for keeping Janan in custody for five months without any charges.

“According to Somali laws, you cannot keep a suspect indefinitely without any charges. The fact that he (Janan) was kept for five months without trial shows he was innocent,” the statement read in part.

Janan was arrested September 2019 in Mogadishu during an official trip out of the country.
Amnesty International lauded Janan’s arrest and called for his prosecution.

”The arrest of Abdirashid Janan is a significant step towards accountability for the serious human rights violations committed with impunity for years by powerful individuals in Somalia, ” Amnesty said.

Jubbaland said Wednesday the Federal Government was responsible for Janan’s safety since he was under its custody.

Janaan’s escape came barely two weeks after Jubbaland and Puntland President called for his release. The two leaders called on the Federal Government in a communique following a meeting in Bosaso mid this month to release the minister.